The New York City Earthquake And The Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Had A Face-Off On ‘SNL’s’ ‘Weekend Update’

Earlier this week, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake took place in New York City. The earthquake took place just days before the total solar eclipse, which viewers can look forward to experiencing this coming Monday (April 8). But during the “Weekend Update” portion of tonight’s (April 6) Saturday Night Live, both the earthquake, played by Marcelo Hernandez and the eclipse, played by Kenan Thompson, had some words for each other.

While the earthquake may have taken New Yorkers by surprise, “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost insisted it wasn’t noticeable. However, the earthquake insisted that it was a life-changing event.

“It was chaos, Colin! People stopped working for five, even six minutes, to text their friends,” said the earthquake.

He continued, saying, “Move over, guy who was punching women in the face. I punched the whole city in the face!”

Chaos aside, the eclipse wasn’t having any of this. He appeared via satellite to chime in.

:”You want to do a little shimmy shake and try to steal my thunder?,” said the eclipse. “Well, what you gonna do when the solar eclipse runs wild on you? Monday, all of America will be covered in eternal darkness.”

But Jost noted that the eclipse is only supposed to last “like four minutes,” however, the eclipse said this will be more than enough time.

“[It’s] gonna feel like an eternity when you’re staring at me,” said the eclipse.

You can watch the hilarious clip above.