Drake Revealed He Got His Tooth Diamond Changed Because He Was Fed Up With A Common Confusion It Caused

Drake wound up watching a clip from comedian Mo Gilligan on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he discussed meeting the Toronto rapper at the Wireless Festival in London. While there, Gilligan recounted the fact that things got a little awkward.

“My friend, Javan, was like, ‘Drake, you’ve got something in your tooth, a little red thing in your tooth,’” Gilligan explained. “And Drake’s like, ‘Is it gone?’”

“I’m looking at [Javan] like, ‘Bruv, you’re really messing up this interaction right now! And then Drake’s like, ‘Is it a pepper?’” he continued. “This is how I knew this was Drake. He goes, ‘Oh yeah, that’s my diamond. I got a diamond in my tooth.’”

After Drake saw the clip on social media, he pointed out that it wasn’t the first time he’s been mistaken for someone with food in their teeth.

“I actually got that diamond changed after this interaction cause this was the 10th time someone said it was food,” he commented on an Instagram post.

Drake has been open about having a pink diamond in his tooth, including after one fan remarked back in 2018 about how even with all his money, “your teeth don’t look clean.” He fired back about how he brushes his teeth with “activated charcoal” before heading to the club.

It seems Drake learned his lesson about only keeping his diamonds in jewelry pieces — and not in his teeth.

Check out the clip of Gilligan talking about Drake’s tooth diamond below.