Report: Someone Tried Betting More Than $20k On Jontay Porter Prop Unders In January Against The Clippers

A betting scandal has hit the NBA. According to a report by ESPN, Toronto Raptors two-way big man Jontay Porter is the subject of an investigation by the league due to some strange activity regarding prop bets for two games: A matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers on Jan. 26, and a game against the Sacramento Kings on March 20.

More details have come about regarding the game against the Clippers, in which Porter only played four minutes before aggravating an eye injury and leaving. He shot and missed one three in that time, and DraftKings reported that the biggest money winner for any NBA prop that night was under 0.5 made threes for Porter. It’s certainly strange, and according to ESPN, there was a lot of money riding on that singular prop.


A sportsbook industry source told ESPN that multiple betting accounts attempted to bet large amounts, upwards of $10,000 and $20,000, on Porter unders in the January game against the Clippers. Betting limits on NBA player props vary by sportsbook and customer, but are typically around $1,000 to $2,000.

“People were trying to do whatever they could to bet Jontay Porter props [against the Clippers],” the source said. “And then, just a few days ago, the same thing. We had a bunch of people trying to bet under for more.”

I’ll be the one who says it: That is a lot of money to place on Jontay Porter prop bets for a game against the Clippers in January. Anyway, in a statement given to Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA indicated it is looking into this.