[WATCH] Video Footage Shows Christian And Justin Combs In Handcuffs During Raid On Diddy’s L.A. Home

Drone video that has made its rounds online appear to show Diddy’s sons Christian and Justin in handcuffs out front of the lavish Holmby Hills address amid the simultaneous raids on Diddy’s homes by Homeland Security for the alleged sex trafficking charge.

Law enforcement could be seen walking through his property on Monday with guns drawn as several people were spotted on the lawn, including Diddy’s sons; 30-year-old Justin Combs and 25-year-old Christian “King” Combs.

Over 30 law enforcement vehicles could be seen from the aerial view, with heavily armed agents on the ground and a helicopter, which could be heard overhead.


DIddy aka Sean Combs is currently under investigation by federal authorities for alleged sex trafficking. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison will update this story as details develop.