City Girls’ JT Announces She Will Blossom Into A ‘City Cinderella’ Once Her Debut Solo Mixtape Arrives

Muah, the wait for more JT is almost over. Since what appears to be the City Girls‘ indefinite hiatus, fans have eagerly waited as both ladies spread their solo wings. For JT, so far, it has included two solo songs, “No Bars” and “Sideways.”

But thanks to her first solo headlining tour, JT’s next move has been revealed. During the tour’s opening night, the rapper took to the stage to perform her next track. While the crowd rocked out to JT’s set, her wardrobe is what grabbed attendees’ attention. JT and crew’s custom graphic tees served as the formal announcement of her forthcoming debut solo mixtape.

Instead of changing her stage name, as previously contemplated, JT will simply adopt a new persona, as the title, City Cinderella, suggests. The upcoming body of work doesn’t have an official released. So, for now, the “City Cinderella coming soon” message on the tees is all the public knows.

Well, that’s all supporters needed to get hyped. “[JT’s] mixtape gonna change the game, mark my words,” wrote one user online. JT chimed it to echo the post. “I swear to God,” she wrote.

Others went on to ask where they could snag a tee to aid in the marketing of the project, to which JT replied, “My show.”

JT’s growing fanbase, the Juvies, is ready to ride out for their fav.