Victor Wembanyama Had A Hilarious Block And Then An Even More Hilarious Alley-Oop

And now, a brief reminder of some of the ridiculous Victor Wembanyama highlights that we have blogged over the first 61 games of his NBA career:

1. That time he just stole the ball from Jeremy Sochan in mid-air and dunked.
2. He had a reverse alley-oop but barely jumped.
3. There was a stretch of 45 seconds against the Lakers where he morphed into a God.
4. This one-legged three from 30 feet out.
5. This, and this, and also this.

That’s just a collection of them! Wembanyama is a highlight machine, as it’s clear NBA teams have no clue what to do with him sometimes as things have started to click for him. So let’s fast forward to Friday night’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies and see if he does anything wild … oh, cool, there’s this.

Pretty good! Anyway, let’s keep watching the game and GOOD LORD WHAT IS THIS?

So, here, we have Victor Wembanyama enveloping an attempted layup by GG Jackson, starting the break, passing the ball to Devin Vassell, continuing to run, taking off from outside of the restricted area, catching a lob, adjusting in mid-air, and throwing down an absolutely hellacious alley-oop. Another angle on the dunk:

Yeah, the rest of the league is doomed.