Watch THE BOYZ Discuss Final Part in ‘Phantasy’ Album Series, Tour Plans & Fashion Styles

Seven months after THE BOYZ initially introduced their three-part Phantasy album series with Christmas in August, the K-pop group completed the 15-track project with the final chapter Love Letter.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Led by the sentimental single “Nectar,” THE BOYZ member Kevin says the final chapter in their trilogy delivers an “emotional-but-hopeful kind of vibe” for Love Letter that contrasts the summery, shimmering pop single “Lip Gloss” for Christmas in August, and their dark and experimental “Watch It” single for Pt. 2 Sixth Sense. “At this point in our career, we want to tackle what we haven’t done before.”

“I really hope through this trilogy that we got to really emphasize Phantasy and our fans were able to see a lot of different sides of THE BOYZ,” Jacob told Billboard News‘ Tetris Kelly during a visit to Los Angeles with his members Kevin, Juyeon, Hyunjae and Eric. “As we are ending it off with ‘Nectar,’ saying goodbye to our bittersweet memories and going for our happier new future, I hope you guys just come along with us and we’ll be able to show you what we have in store.”

Now that their Phantasy releases are complete, THE BOYZ say it’s time to perform these new songs live for fans.

“Our fans have been dying for us to go on a tour and I think it’s about time,” Eric says. “We are going to make it happen this year,” with Kevin making sure to add, “We may or may not be seeing you in your own city/country.”

Before they do make their way back to the States, fans can stay on top of their additional musical activities by following them on TikTok where Kevin delivers Beyoncé covers, Jacob plays guitar in his pajamas, and all 11 of THE BOYZ sing, dance, and share their lives.

We don’t really get to do a lot of musical production in our group for our own music, so I like to experiment and do things on TikTok,” Kevin says. It’s my musical outlet, and I like to do a lot of covers there.”

Jacob agrees with that sentiment, adding, “Since we’re in a group, I don’t really get to play the guitar and sing for the fans, so I use TikTok for my pajama karaoke covers.”

While Juyeon, Hyunjae, and Kevin have all attended events and linked up with different fashion brands, like Dior, Gucci, and Jeremy Scott, the guys also shared some surprising insight into their personal style during the sitdown.

“Whenever we have events where our stylist can potentially dress us in casual clothing, we opt for our own clothes instead of our stylists’ clothes,” Kevin shares. “We like to dress ourselves as much as we can.”

Watch the full Billboard News interview above for more from Kevin, Juyeon, Jacob, Hyunjae and Eric on THE BOYZ’s Phantasy album, plus find out who among them is most likely to snack at midnight, run late getting ready, know another K-pop group’s choreography and more.