[WATCH] State Witness In YSL RICO Trial Admits To Being High While On The Stand

In the latest turn of events in the unraveling saga of the YSL RICO trial with ATL trap rapper Young Thug and his YSL conglomerate, one of the state’s witnesses complained about not being able to stay awake because h was too high.

About two minutes into the above footage, Adrian Bean admitted he was sleepy while on the stand and that he was so high that he might fall asleep. Bena even requested water from the prosecutors in order to help him stay awake during his testimony. Bean’s eyes appeared to be squinted above the covid mask he donned during his appearance.

Bean is testifying about a 2013 incident allegedly involving Young Thug, alleging he doesn’t recall the events. He was concerned about death threats, harassment and losing his job because of his involvement in the case. Bean claimed prosecutors were targeting him and inquired if he was on trial, to which the judge clarified that he was only summoned as a witness.