The View’s Whoopi Goldberg & Sunny Hostin Speak Out About Using Weight Loss Medications Following Oprah’s Special

The View’s co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, have followed Oprah Winfrey, who spoke out in her televised special An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution, which debuted on ABC on March 18 and the next day on Hulu, about using popular weight loss medications on the market.

Deadline reports that Goldberg said she made the health decision after weighing nearly 300 while filming the 2022 movie Till. “I weighed almost 300 pounds when I was made Till,” Goldberg said while the Hot Topics segment aired on ABC’s The View. Goldberg starred in the film about the lynch-style murder of Emmett Till.

Get this, Goldberg back in 2021 suffered severe back pain and had to be treated with steroids to aid in her recovery process but also lead to more weight gain.“I had taken all those steroids and was on all this stuff,” Goldberg said, “and one of the things that helps me drop the weight is Mounjaro.” Okay, so if you didn’t know, Mounjaro is a prescription weight loss medication in the same world as Ozempic.


Goldberg said she didn’t realize her gain of all the pounds. “I just always felt like me, and then I saw me and I was like, Oh, that’s a lot of me.” Hostin then added she dropped 40 pounds after her own prescribed regimen of Mounjaro. “During Covid I gained 40 pounds,” the co-host said. “All I did was eat. I love to cook and I found out I love to eat. And I was horrified by the fact that I would have to come out on air. So I took Mounjaro.”

Deadline goes on to report that Hostin said the reaction from the public regarding her weight loss was unpleasant, which came as a surprise. “I got all these nasty emails saying you’re too skinny and why did you do this and you’re taking the drug away from diabetics. So there is shame when you’ve gained weight and I had never experienced that kind of shame before. And what I loved about what she [Oprah] said is obesity is a disease…” Right there, Joy Behar The View co-host jumped in and said, “Wait a minute. How is it a disease when you were just eating everything?”

Hostin explained, “I didn’t have the disease, I wasn’t clinically obese.”

“I was,” Goldberg confirmed. In February, Winfrey announced she was leaving the board of directors at WeightWatchers after nine years and was donating her stock to the company to ensure there was no potential conflict of interest after admitting she used weight-loss medications. Good on everyone for their honesty all around, when quite frankly, their health is not anyone else business.