[WATCH] SOURCE SPORTS: Cam’ron And Mase Respond To Trevor Diggs’ Shot On Social Media Aimed At Them

Being one of the hottest sports shows in 2024, Cam’ron and Mase and going to be receiving more than their fair share of criticism from fans, colleagues and athletes alike. After their critique of men who marry or have children with women who were previously in relationships with other famous men, they mentioned Dallas Cowboys star Trevor Diggs recently having a child with the mother of Future and Bow Wow’s children, Joie Chavis.

Cam inquired as to why an athlete or entertainer would want to be with some3one else’s “leftovers”, but Diggs replied to the It Is What It Is hosts, saying on X, “You like 50 mentioning me on your platform Gomd.” He added, “I was 5 when you was rapping, ain’t no way you speaking on me rn.” 

Cam and Mase responded with the obvious, stating that they’re not rapping, but reporting on current events and hot topics in the news. They also let him know that their analyzation of the current trend of second hand companions.