SOURCE SPORTS: Anthony Edwards Delivers Dunk of the Year Candidate in Win Over Jazz

Anthony Edwards showcased his prowess in a pivotal game, dropping 32 points, grabbing seven boards, and dishing out eight assists, propelling the Wolves to a 114-104 triumph over the Jazz.

The win is important, but his dunk over Jazz forward John Collins will be up and down your timeline all day.

“It gives me chills, man, because I always dreamed of dunking on somebody like that,” Edwards said.


However, Edwards’ remarkable plays come with a cost: He sustained injuries. Despite hitting his head on the rim during a block against the Pacers and dislocating his finger in the dunk over John Collins, Edwards’ resilience shone through.

With this win, the Wolves draw level with the Nuggets at 47-21, seizing the No. 2 spot in the West via tiebreaker, having won their season series 1-0. The Nuggets and Wolves face off tonight (March 19).