THE BOYZ Talk Latest Album ‘Phantasy Pt.3,’ Possible Upcoming Tour & More | Billboard News

K-Pop boy band THE BOYZ talk about their latest album Phantasy Pt.3, how fans inspired them to write their song “Love Letter,” why they frequently describe this era as a new beginning, their possible upcoming tour to accompany the album, the new music coming out from their sub-units, love of Beyoncé, how they use TikTok as a creative outlet, they tell us more about themselves in a game of “Who’s Most Likely” and more!

Whenever we come to L.A., all our members they ask me hey, where should we go for you know a good restaurant?

He never knows.


Tetris Kelly
He says you never know.

Exactly. I don’t really know.


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Tetris Kelly
Hey, what’s up it’s Tetris with Billboard News and we get to have some fun today I’m hanging out with some fellas from THE BOYZ.

Tetris Kelly
You just dropped a brand new project Phantasy Pt.3 So now that it’s all out, I mean, you guys decided to release it in three parts. But what makes this one different than the first two?

Well, we took the word Phantasy and split it up into three different kind of worlds. And this one is kind of like funeral slash graduation. It’s kind of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the future. So it’s kind of a emotional but hopeful kind of vibe.

Tetris Kelly
Okay, so can you tell me now what’s part of the funeral? What are some things you guys think you’re saying goodbye to?

Well, in a graduation, you’re essentially saying goodbye to your previous years and letting go of the past. If you’re looking at our music video, we’re actually playing students, we’re actually at a graduation. And so you can feel a lot of the vibes watching the music video.

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