Teyana Taylor Demands Receipts from Iman Shumpert Amid Custody Battle

The ongoing legal battle between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert has taken a new turn as Taylor demands transparency regarding Shumpert’s finances and expenditures, particularly in relation to their two children. Last week, it was reported that Shumpert sought increased financial contributions from Taylor, claiming she earns twice as much as him per month. Now, Taylor is demanding receipts and documentation from Shumpert for various expenses, including recent luxury purchases and expenditures related to their children’s upbringing.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Taylor and her legal team have submitted a comprehensive list of items they require Shumpert to produce. Among the demands are details regarding Shumpert’s recent purchase of a Bentley SUV and his acquisition of 20 vintage cars since January 2021. Taylor also seeks documentation related to Shumpert’s past criminal arrests, including a possession of marijuana charge in Texas in 2022 and a DUI arrest in Georgia in 2016.

Furthermore, Taylor has requested proof of Shumpert’s income from his various endeavors in the music industry, including producer fees, performance royalties, endorsement deals, and payments as a social media influencer. Additionally, she has asked for receipts for expenses related to their children’s upbringing, such as clothing, shoes, payments to nannies, birthday parties, hair expenses, and extracurricular activities.


In her recent motion, Taylor emphasized the importance of transparency in the ongoing custody battle, stating, “Receipts for your purchase and/or payment for any and all clothing, shoes, payments to nannies, expenses for birthday parties, hair expenses for the minor children, extracurricular activities, birthday celebrations, and nannies to assist and other expenses for the minor children.”

Taylor, who filed for divorce from Shumpert in January 2023, has demanded sole custody of their children and financial support. As the legal proceedings unfold, Taylor’s request for transparency sheds light on the difficulties of divorce and parenting.