Bruno Mars Allegedly Owes MGM Casino Over $50 Million In Gambling Debt

Even though pop sensation Bruno Mars has reached the ninth year of his residency at Park MGM in Las Vegas, which is slated to continue throughout 2024, it has been reported by News Nation that Mars has racked up a ridiculous gambling debt at the casino. “He owes millions to the MGM [from gambling],” an unnamed source told News Nation. “[MGM] basically own him.”

It is being reported that Bruno Mars owes up to $50 million to the esteemed casino. He makes approximately $90 million per year at MGM, but after taxes Mars may still owe the casino because of his sizable debt.

Mars has spoken about his affinity for gambling in past media interviews, revealing that he visited his first casino at 19 years old and, as a still unknown musician, covered his rent by playing cards.


Mars’ residency at Park MGM resumes in June and tickets are available for purchase here.