Jalen Green Stared Down Jared Butler After Dropping Him With A Crossover And Drilled A Three

If there’s any team that could really use the end of the NBA season, it’s the Washington Wizards. Things have just not gone well for Washington this year, as the team entered Thursday night’s slate of games with the worst record in the league at 11-54 and are already eliminated from postseason contention.

Washington had to go to Houston on Thursday to play the Rockets in a game that Jalen Green completely took over. Green ended the night with 37 points on 15-for-23 shooting in a 135-119 win, and had the NBA’s highlight of the night when he clowned Wizards guard Jared Butler. After bringing the ball up the floor, Green had a head of steam, which he used to get Butler unbalanced thanks to a little help from Jock Landale. Green went behind his back and set Butler to the deck, so he took a second to celebrate what he did before letting it fly from three.

This might be the most disrespectful thing an NBA player has done to another NBA player since, ironically enough, James Harden crossed up Wesley Johnson and stared at him for a second. Let this be a lesson to anyone who tries to play defense against a Rockets guard, I suppose.