Ariana Grande And The ‘SNL’ Crew Seek To Unlearn Their People-Pleasing Ways In A Hilarious Sketch

In a painfully relatable Saturday Night Live sketch that aired last night (March 9), Heidi Gardner leads a support group comprised of recovering people-pleasers. The group of people pleasers addresses several problems they’re dealing with in their day-to-day lives.

One member of the group explains that he had agreed to go out to dinner with his boyfriend, despite having already eaten dinner earlier in the day. “I said ‘Sounds great. I’m so hungry. I’ll drive, unless you want to. Either way, no worries at all,” says the member, played by Bowen Yang.

Another group member, played by Molly Kearney, shows up to the group meeting with a bad haircut. Gardner’s character guesses that a barber had messed up Kearney’s character’s hair, however, the character was too polite to stop the barber. “But can I say something? In my defense, I gave him a huge tip.”

Later on in the sketch, a young lady named Sarafina, played by Ariana Grande, talks about how she doesn’t like her job, however, explains why she chooses to stay.

“I hate my job, so I need to quit, but they give me great health insurance and it’s so nice of them to pay me,” says Grande’s character.

Though Gardner can’t seem to disabuse the group members of their people-pleasing ways, they wrap their meeting with the people pleasers’ prayer of deference.

“God grant me the serenity to say no. But if you’re too busy with heaven, then no worries,” says the group in unison.

You can watch the full sketch above.