Sarah Geronimo Accepts Global Force of the Philippines | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Sarah Geronimo accepts the Global Force award from Billboard Philippines at Billboard Women In Music 2024.

Sarah Geronimo:
Good evening, everyone. I’m Sarah Geronimo from the Philippines. [Speaks in Tagalog.] Thank you very much, Billboard, for celebrating women in music and, of course, for giving our country this meaningful recognition. [Speaks in Tagalog] … to Billboard Philippines for your commitment to bringing our music — the Filipino music and more Filipino artists — to a global audience.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of every amazing and excellent Filipina, Filipino artists back home and all over the world. And allow me also to take this moment to thank God, Lord Jesus, for the gift of music [speaks in Tagalog] that I’ll be able to deliver a speech in front of an international audience. [Speaks in Tagalog.]

Thank you to God, thank you to my parents. Thank you [speaks in Tagalog] for your unconditional love, for believing in me, for supporting me. To my family, to my manager, Victor Rosario to my whole team Viva, to my popsters [speaks in Tagalog], thank you for your unwavering support. Thank you very much to my husband, Matt. Thank you for encouraging me and for always pushing me to be a better version of myself every day. [Speaks in Tagalog.]

For me, this recognition signifies courage and hope, courage to accept and embrace oneself, courage to break boundaries and defy standards, courage to rise above all the setbacks and challenges that one artist or one person has to face, and the hope — the hope that one day, this recognition will bridge the Philippines and other nations to create change and positivity in the world through the power of music. [Speaks in Tagalog.]

Thank you, Billboard.

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