Shaq Loved Watching ‘My Boy’ Joey Chestnut Eat 39 Pierogies In Two Minutes

It’s a big night in Cleveland, as the Boston Celtics are in town to take on the Cavaliers in front of Jason and Travis Kelce, who are getting celebrated in the aftermath of the former announcing his retirement from the NFL. As it turns out, there were even more big names in attendance on Tuesday, as the greatest competitive eater of all time put on a show during halftime.

Joey Chestnut, who has famously defeated the concept of cholesterol, took part in a competition where he ate pierogies against three other guys. Over the course of two minutes, Chestnut was able to eat 39 pierogies, while his competitors combined to eat 23.

Truly a pitiful performance by those guys, who had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try and out-eat Chestnut and embarrassed themselves by all finishing in single digits. Grow up.

Anyway, this clip made its way to the TNT desk, where Shaquille O’Neal was very happy to see that “my boy” made a cameo to do what he does best at an NBA game.

Two things with this clip. For one, I am cracking up at Jamal Crawford having no idea what a pierogi is and Adam Lefkoe saying it’s “like a Polish ravioli.” For the other, my god, I wish this happened on a Thursday night and we could have Charles Barkley and Shaq making fun of each other, because you know that unlike the trio going up against Chestnut, they’d bring their A-games.