Tyla Glides Her Way Across The Dancefloor In A New ‘Linen Moves’ Campaign for Gap

Tyla is taking over. We are less than a month out from her hotly-anticipated self-titled album, which features hits like “Water” and “Truth Or Dare.” Ahead of the album, Tyla has partnered with Gap for a special new commercial.

In the commercial, the South African superstar dances to “Back On 74” by Jungle. She makes her way across the dancefloor, joining a group of dancers. Tyla and the dancers are seen wearing collections from Gap’s new linens collection, with the campaign appropriately titled ‘Linen Moves.’

Tyla spoke about the campaign to Complex, and during the conservation, she said her latest collaboration felt very natural to her.

“The commercials have always been very iconic and fun, not cheesy,” Tyla said. “It’s something that I connected with even before the offer. So it kind of felt like it was meant for me to do.”

She also shared that fashion, to her, comes just as naturally as music.

“I’ve always just loved clothing and playing around with that, trying new things,” she said. “I feel like now I’m also in a phase where I’m exploring more, which is exciting. So, yeah, I’m definitely a fashion girl.”

You can see the new Gap campaign above.

Tyla is out 3/22 via FAX and Epic Records. Find more information here.