Does ‘Dune: Part Two’ Have A Post-Credit Scene?

Post-credits scenes are nothing new. Even The Muppet Movie, from 1979, has Animal swinging by at the very end, telling audiences to scram. But for the last decade-and-a-half or so they’ve been all the rage. That’s mostly thanks to Marvel, who used them to get fans pumped for future MCU installments. Now it’s de rigueur to at least ask if a blockbuster will have one.

For instance, Dune: Part Two — does that one have a post-credits scene?

The answer: Like the first one, no. It could have one, though. While director Denis Villeneuve is taking a break from Frank Herbert’s agonizingly dense sci-fi futurescape, he does plan on returning for a threequel, when he would tackle the series’ second tome, Dune Messiah. (After that, he says, the books get, well, pretty weird. Besides, he’s a serious auteur, let the guy make some different movies. Six words: Hot human-sandworm hybrid who f*cks.)

The first Dune could have had a post-credits scene, too — a little something to keep audiences interested in a second half that hadn’t even begun filming at the time. (That’s partly because Warner Bros. wasn’t sure audiences would go for Dune, as the first time Hollywood tried to turn the doorstop into a movie, they got an underperforming future cult fave.)

Anyway, Dune: Part Two is already pretty long as is — some 167 minutes long, over 20 minutes longer than Goodfellas, which is itself really long. Feel free to bolt soon after it ends, which you can start doing when it hits theaters on March 1.