Kevin Durant Confronted Mavs Fans Who Called Him A ‘B*tch’ But Stopped Security From Throwing Them Out

The NBA regular season resumed on Thursday after a week-long hiatus built around All-Star Weekend. While the majority of the league’s personnel had several days off, Kevin Durant was busy for at least part of the break, representing the Phoenix Suns as a member of the Western Conference All-Star team in Indianapolis. Following what was hopefully at least a small respite for Durant and other All-Stars, the Suns took on the Dallas Mavericks in a highly intriguing road game in front of a national television audience on the first night of the second half.

Before tip-off actually happened, however, Durant was involved in a notable interaction with a pair of Mavericks fans in Dallas. In short, one of the fans called Durant a “b*tch,” and the 35-year-old former MVP did not take kindly to that.

As you can see in the pair of videos, Durant was at least relatively cordial with the fans and ultimately stopped security personnel from removing them from the premises. It was also remarkable to see the change in tone from the couple as soon as Durant turned around to acknowledge what was said in the first place.

In particular, the fan saying “I host a podcast about sports,” as if that was going to mean anything here, is ridiculous. Alas, Durant is more than willing to mix it up with fans during the game and, this time, he didn’t have to wait until the game was actually happening because a fan was completely out of line before the opening tip.