Here Is Hozier’s ‘Unreal Unearth Tour’ Setlist

Hozier recently continued his Unreal Unearth Tour by playing the first of two nights at the Pepi Center WTC in Mexico City. With his second performance taking place Wednesday, February 21, and more shows scheduled around the globe, it seems he’s going to have another busy year.

Hozier is also set to make appearances at many festivals along the way, including Lollapalooza Argentina, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and more all while playing regular shows too. For those looking to know what to expect song-wise, below is what he’s been playing.

Throughout his recent show, Hozier treated fans to some of his biggest hits, including “Cherry Wine” and “Take Me To Church.” This follows his run of shows last year, when he completed the European and North American legs of the tour.

Continue scrolling to view Hozier’s Mexico City setlist for an idea of what to expect, according to Setlist.FM. A complete list of upcoming shows, along with more information, can be found here.

Hozier’s Unreal Unearth Tour Setlist 2024

1. “De Selby (Part 1)”
2. “De Selby (Part 2)”
3. “Jackie And Wilson”
4. “From Eden”
5. “Francesca”
6. “To Be Alone”
7. “Dinner & Diatribes”
8. “Movement”
9. “Cherry Wine”
10. “I, Carrion (Icarian)”
11. “Like Real People Do”
12. “Abstract (Psychopomp)”
13. “First Time”
14. “Would That I”
15. “Almost (Sweet Music)”
16. “Eat Your Young”
17. “First Light”
18. “Take Me To Church”
19. “Nina Cried Power”
20. “Unknown/Nth”
21. “Work Song”