‘The Book of Clarence’ Releases First Soundtrack Single ‘Hallelujah Heaven’

Jeymes Samuel, director of the critically acclaimed 2021 film The Harder They Fall, is now busy spreading the word about his second film, The Book of Clarence. And coming ahead of the Legendary Entertainment film’s Jan. 12, 2024 nationwide theater arrival is the first song from its soundtrack.


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Released today (Nov. 28) along with the film’s official trailer, “Hallelujah Heaven” is performed by Samuel himself and also features Lil Wayne, Buju Banton & Shabba Ranks. 

Jay-Z and Kid Cudi are among the additional featured guests and collaborators on the Roc Nation soundtrack, more details of which will be revealed in the coming weeks. Beyond writing and performing on the soundtrack, Samuel also composed the film’s score.

The Book of Clarence is a film that I wanted to make for many years,” says British filmmaker Samuel in a release announcing the soundtrack’s lead song. “While I was working on The Harder They Fall and all my other projects, the story and the music for The Book of Clarence were always there percolating in my mind. There was never a question as to whether I would compose the score and write and perform on the soundtrack, as well as write and direct the movie. It was all one amazing journey where one depended on the other. But I also worked with the most awesome artists on our track ‘Hallelujah Heaven.’ Collaborating with Lil’ Wayne, Buju Banton and Shabba Ranks was so dope; I loved getting them all on the same track.”

Samuel’s reimagined take on Hollywood’s classic Biblical epics stars LaKeith Stansfield as the streetwise Clarence, a man who is struggling to make a better life for himself and his family. Inspired by the rising power and glory of the Messiah and his disciples, Clarence stakes his own claim to a similar life as he embarks on a journey that encompasses risks as well as redemption and faith. A lyric sample from “Hallelujah Heaven” further illuminates Samuel’s unique twist on the movie’s Biblical theme:


From Hollygrove to Honolulu (Hallelujah)

Me Shabba Buju, the holy ghost will probably spook you

It’s kinda coo coo, it’s New Orleans a lot of voodoo (Hallelujah)

Pour holy water in my codeine sippin’ like yoo hoo

Goodness gracious I look at faces they look like satans (Heaven)…”

Being released through TriStar Pictures, The Book of Clarence boasts a cast that includes David Oyelowo, Alfre Woodard, Teyana Taylor and Benedict Cumberbatch. Working alongside Samuel as the film’s producers were Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, James Lassiter and Tendo Nagenda.

The Book of Clarence

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