Diego Smith’s Latin Trap Evolution And His New Singles “COLOMBIANA” & “Fast Love” 

From the vibrant streets of Bulnes to the bustling heart of Santiago, Diego Smith has etched his journey into the annals of Latin trap with his pulsating new singles, “COLOMBIANA and Fast Love.”  

Speaking about “Fast Love,” Smith recently revealed: “In this release, the philosophy presented is particularly significant as it explores the ease with which we feel emotions and the profound strength of love, even when it’s not long-lasting. This is a sentiment many have experienced, yet often remain unspoken and unacknowledged, leaving them chained. It’s expressed that happiness and authenticity are paramount. Embrace your identity, love as you wish, and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.” 

In collaboration with Kidd Tetoon, he has crafted an anthem over three years that reverberates with the raw energy of Chile’s urban pulse. Directed by Jose Hazla, the music video for “Fast Love” is a vivid tableau of Buenos Aires nightlife, dressed in the latest fashion statements and ‘Shash Flow’ swagger. 

Smith’s narrative in “Fast Love” explores the dichotomy of clinging to the shadows of a past lover and the stark reality of their absence. His bars, etched with yearning and a poignant quest for closure, navigate through the labyrinth of post-breakup emotions. The track’s depth is exemplified by its metaphorical comparison of fleeting love to the exhilarating but ephemeral rush of a Bugatti’s speed. 

The Chilean trap king’s commitment to authenticity and self-expression is palpable in his work. “Fast Love” not only showcases Smith’s introspective lyricism but also his evolution from a sports aspirant to a music sensation, translating the discipline and focus from the field to the studio. 

Smith’s music, influenced by legends like Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, melds intoxicating beats with a performance flair that promises to cement his place in Latin music history. His dedication to his craft and the unwavering support from his ‘Shash Crew’ fanbase have positioned him as the next vanguard of the Chilean urban scene, promising to take Latin trap to new heights.

Watch the official music video for “COLOMBIANA” and “Fast Love” below:

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