CALYN’s “Waiting”: A Soul-Baring Journey Through Heartbreak

CALYN ’s recent track, “Waiting,” offers a moving portrayal of the turbulent experience of navigating the ups and downs of a breakup. Through every musical note and set of lyrics, this emerging artist guides the audience on an evocative voyage, turning an incomplete verse into a complete emotional story.

“Waiting” comprised a collection of fragmented ideas, echoing the incomplete emotions and experiences that CALYN grappled with. The two contrasting verses emerged from different emotional states, serving as a testament to the singer’s transition from the anticipation of pain to its harsh reality. 

The song’s transformation is epitomized by the shift from an unfinished composition to a fully realized piece. These two distinct verses, crafted in separate emotional states, vividly depict the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a relationship’s dissolution. 

The absence of a hook wasn’t merely a missing element; it symbolized CALYN’s journey through the emotional labyrinth of loss and the path to recovery that lay ahead. Returning to the project after a five-month hiatus, she found the hook flowing naturally, signifying the singer’s personal growth and the reconciliation of conflicting emotions. 

Infused with the pain and passion that are intrinsic to human relationships, “Waiting” serves as a poignant tale that resonates with the universal experience of love and loss. CALYN‘s story echoes the different stages that heartbroken people go through – waiting, healing, and moving on.

Listen to “Waiting” below: