Sabrina Sekuloski ‘s “Mosaic”: A Symphony Of Broken Pieces Becoming Whole

Rising from the golden sands of Sydney, Sabrina Sekuloski embarks on a soulful expedition in her newest single, “Mosaic.” This isn’t just another melody but a testament to the profound transformation unfolding within the depths of the artist’s soul, amidst the chaotic dance of life’s unrelenting storms. 

The soul-stirring compositions of “Shine,” “Summer Dreaming,” and “Red Convertible” in Sekuloski’s celebrated  Scenic Route  EP offered listeners a picturesque journey. Yet, “Mosaic” pushes boundaries, venturing into the profound abyss of self-inquiry, anguish, and renewal. The song paints a haunting picture of the struggle against obscurity and the audacious pursuit of self in a world masked by apathy. 

With the echoing lyrics, “I’ve been finding my way back… I’m a mosaic of shatters,” Sabrina Sekuloski narrates an odyssey from disintegration to reconstruction. “Mosaic” is an anthem of resurgence and an invitation to every soul teetering on the edge of fragmentation and unity. 

Drawing inspiration from icons like Colbie Caillat and John Mayer, Sabrina Sekuloski  crafts her distinct echo, demonstrating her mettle as a singer-songwriter and her steadfast dedication to unveiling her soul’s profound depths.

Listen to “Mosaic” below: