Don Modus Unveils New Era Of Music With Latest Single “East 2 West”

Brooklyn-native Hip Hop artist, Don Modus, recently opened up about his latest release “East 2 West,” the collaborative single with San Diego rapper Iz Sosa. In a recent interview, he admitted: “During all my past releases I feel like I was still figuring it out, you know finding my “look” finding my “sound”, etc. This new push is different because I’m confident in what I wanna do. The foundation has all been laid in years past, and now I’m ready to really break through.”

Modus also spoke about his upcoming track, “Big Time,” saying: “This April 7th I’m releasing the new single alongside a music video that was shot in Atlanta. It features my trademark flow with a classic Memphis sample. We made the beat from scratch and did all the engineering in my home studio. That’s a point of pride for me that we do everything fully independent and don’t outsource anything.”

Apart from “East 2 West” and “Big Time,” Don Modus has a lot of exciting new material lined up for the future. He plans to release multiple singles in the coming months and is also hoping to share a solo EP and an EP full of features. “I honestly want to feed the streets and release as much music as possible. I know it’s a bold statement, but you gotta go big time,” explains the rapper.

Don Modus’ “East 2 West” not only showcases his growth as an artist but also highlights his creativity and individuality. His upcoming single “Big Time” exemplifies his unique sound and style, which is sure to captivate audiences from all over the world. With a confident and resolute approach to his craft, the NY rapper is undoubtedly the one to keep an eye on in the forthcoming months.

Watch the official music video for “East 2 West” here:

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