(For You)r Consideration: The Hottest TikTok Trends In Music This Week

(For You)r Consideration is a weekly column breaking down the rappers and singers doing it RIGHT on TikTok and the viral trends and top songs taking over your FYP.

What Is That Melody?

A sound featuring four words and backed by a harmonious violin is TikTok’s favorite this month. Users are asking, “what is that melody,” and going back in time to reminisce about the classic songs that stunned them upon first listening. User @_shakinahs remembers the melody behind “…a song about trying to escape mental and emotional pain with meaningless distractions and credit card debt…” Can you guess the song? If not, check out the video below!

Babyface Ray x Pretty Boy Swag

Soulja Boy’s 2010 hit, “Pretty Boy Swag” is no stranger to the FYP. In late September, TikToker @yeaclarkie posted a video where she and a friend swayed their hips and churned their arms to the lyrics “I’m lookin for a yellow bone long-haired star / Thick, in the hips come, get in my car.” The trend used the two bars from Draco, alternating frames and text overlaying each clip to highlight a relationship between best friends, coworkers, a mother-daughter relationship, or any other dynamic duo. Detroit’s Babyface Ray hopped on the trend to show off his “spoiled rotted” daughter and himself, who spoils her. Watch below.

To The Tune of ‘Lethal Weapon’ x Baby Smoove

The opening melody on Baby Smoove’s ” Lethal Weapon” is a familiar one featuring the saxophone loop from Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” and “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got” by Public Enemy. It’s catchy and snazzy and instantly hooks you upon first listening, making it the perfect TikTok sound. With just under ten thousand views, “Leathal Weapon” and its famous saxophone sample from Smoove’s October 2022 album, Im Still Serious 2, is making waves on the app as the score to moody photo swipes, OOTD videos, and more. Our favorite? TikToker @itslialoserr documented her tattoo session backed by the menacing track.