Bakar Shares A Vulnerable New Song, ‘Pit Stop’

Though he only released his debut album, Nobody’s Home, it seems Bakar is gearing up for a new era. Hot off a newly signed deal with Epic, Bakar has shared a new song called “Pit Stop.”

Driven by an acoustic guitar, “Pit Stop” features melancholy vocals from Bakar, as he laments a love gone sour.

“I wish you told me / You had got cold feet / Wish you had told me / This how it would be / Think I got too cozy / Why did you pick me? / Tried to be 100 / You wanted to be 50,” he sings, as light percussion begins to build up

“Pit Stop” is one of Bakar’s more vulnerable tracks. In an interview with Dazed last year, he expressed why he feels it’s important to put his heart into his lyrics, no matter how raw he gets.

“I think truth is the most important thing,” Bakar said. “Is it ever too personal to write about? I don’t know. I personally think not, but I understand why people would say it (can be). I always feel like the more personal it gets, the more someone out there is gonna connect to it. The more honest I am, the more (some people) gravitate towards the music. The more human it is, the more likely someone’s going to feel it.”

At the time of writing, “Pit Stop” is currently only available to stream on YouTube.

Check out “Pit Stop” above.