21 Savage Finally Caught Wind Of Those Memes Behind Drake’s ‘Rich Flex’ Intro And His Reaction Was Hilarious

When 21 Savage and Drake first announced their new album Her Loss, part of the appeal was the contrast in their respective styles. As demonstrated on prior collaborations like “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks,” the pair shares a yin-and-yang chemistry that really highlights their strengths. Where 21 Savage brings a gritty edge with his monotonous murder bars, Drake’s appeal is in his casually ostentatious flexes and sassy subliminal disses — and fans have been having a field day with this dynamic, imaging Drake as a flouncy, foppish sidekick on the song “Rich Flex.”


Drake prolly hit that ice spice move too?? ib: @Ashleykeno17

♬ Rich Flex – Drake & 21 Savage


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♬ Rich Flex – Drake & 21 Savage

Of course, although the two are both very keyed into internet trends — the cheeky rollout for Her Loss proves as much — they are a little outside the target demo for TikTok, where this meme mostly lives. However, when 21 Savage made an appearance on a Twitch live stream with sketch comedian Kai Cenat, his mind was blown by the creativity (and light disrespect) of the creators who imagined the in-studio scenario between the two rappers — especially when one fan modified a copy of their WWE Wrestlemania video game to feature them. (Seriously, check the kid’s page out, his mods are bonkers.)

21 did recently stand by Drake despite the heat his partner-in-rhyme has taken online over the past week. While some of Drake’s lines on the album have drawn criticism, Savage said, “Whatever he standing on, I’m standing on too.”