Lizzo Shared How Important Queen Latifah Was To Her Growing Up In A Quirky Nardwuar Interview

Well, it is about damn time singer Lizzo crossed paths with interviewer Nardwuar!

Adored by musicians for his quirky nature, the Canadian media personality’s interviews are filled with fun, often forgotten facts about his celebrity guests. When the Emmy-winner’s Special tour stopped in Vancouver, it was Lizzo’s turn to take that trip down memory lane.

The interview, in typical Nardwuar fashion, started with a sentimental gift. Backstage at the Rogers Arena, Nardwuar gives the “Good As Hell” singer a fuzz pedal for flute. This is no ordinary fuzz petal, as it was made from a 1967 Porsche transistor. He describes the tool as being “designed to be played through a mic,” which grants Lizzo more creative freedom with the instrument.

Filled with joy, Lizzo shares how thoughtful the gift was as she has always wanted “to do some experimental sh*t” with her famed flute on stage. After turning the device over, Lizzo revealed a unique engraving from Adam Grimm (owner of Satellite Amplifiers) that read, “inspired by the awesomeness of Lizzo and all that she does.”

Immediately after, Nardwuar handed Lizzo a framed picture of a scene from the 2004 film Friday Night Lights. Lizzo then confessed that she made a brief appearance in the film as the opposing school’s musical support alongside her Alief Elsik High School marching band peers. However, that wasn’t the only time her high school’s marching band led her to a significant opportunity as she revealed, “we were also in the Super Bowl, too.”

Known for her unwavering advocacy for body positivity, toward the end of the interview, the Houston native took a moment to thank rapper-turned-mogul Queen Latifah for blazing the trail for her. As Nardwuar presents her with a vintage 1990 12-inch vinyl and 1991 cassette tape from the Equalizer actress, Lizzo declared, “Queen Latifah is the first person that I saw in media that looked like me.”

Lizzo continued, “It was very important to see someone like her be a mogul, rapper, singer, actress, TV host, clothing line, all of it.”

Just when you thought you knew everything about the Houston native, it is clear we’ve only scratched the surface. Watch the full interview above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.