Young Dolph’s Long-Time Partner Mia Jaye Reflects On The One-Year Anniversary Of His Death: ‘It’s Unfair’

With the one-year anniversary of Young Dolph approaching, Mia Jaye, his longtime partner, and mother to his two children, reflects on the Memphis rapper’s death.

On Thursday, Jaye posted a video on Instagram revealing how she and her two children, Tre and Aria, have been dealing since the rapper’s death, which happened in 2021 on November 30.

“Today is a week from the anniversary of me losing Adolph, and this almost year has been the most challenging year I’ve ever had to face in my life,” Jaye said in the emotionally charged video. “And it’s like the closer I get to this earmark … it’s like trying to be positive about something so messed up, it comes to a breaking point to where it’s like it’s really just unfair, man.”

In the video’s caption, Jaye called Dolph’s death unfair and noted that the rapper’s death has caused a “nagging heartache.”

“This journey is not for the faint at heart… or for whatever type of heart I have…” she wrote. “Death is such a cruel part of life…”

Dolph, who was only 36 years old at the time of his death, was visiting a local bakery in his hometown of Memphis, where he was tragically shot. Just before his passing, the “Get Paid” rapper was presumably gearing up to make new music after announcing he had changed his mind about retiring earlier this year.