Styles P Settles The Question Of The Best Weed Smoker In Rap Music

On the latest episode of Fresh Pair, Katty Customs and Just Blaze were joined by Styles P, who was gifted a fire pair of custom Nike SB Dunks that celebrated the Yonkers rapper’s 20-year career in hip-hop. The details on this latest sneaker were dope, including juice drop graphics that paid tribute to Styles’ juice bar side hustle, interchangeable checks, glowing details to reference “Good Times,” as well as references to The Lox, his ghost persona, and of course, his love of weed via a hidden stash pocket at the tongue.

Styles P himself put it best, “these look more than custom made, they look factory. Like you were at the factory!” At one point, he even cradled the pair and let out an ecstatic scream over the design. That’s a pretty strong co-sign!

Details of the sneaker aside, the episode resulted in a half-hour of unheard stories and interesting anecdotes from Styles P’s career and most well-known projects but the conversation was particularly lit when Katty straight up asked him “Do you think you’re the best smoker in the game?”

Styles quickly replied, “Definitely.”

That’s a big claim when you consider just how many superstar rappers are as known for their love of cannabis as they are for their bars (which are usually about smoking weed) like Snoop Dogg, Redman, Kid Cudi, Devin the Dude… the list goes on and on.

But Styles was quick to give flowers to his fellow weed-smoking rappers, including Uncle Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, Method Man, Berner, B-Real, and Redman.

“You know, the whole gang, I respect it, I just always feel I’m the best,” says Styles, which is the right attitude to have in the game of hip-hop and in smoking. That moment hits at the 22-minute mark in the interview, but be sure to watch the whole episode if only for Styles P’s animated reactions as Katty unveils the sneaker’s hidden details.