Here’s Why ‘Vogue’ Wasn’t Laughing Along With Drake And 21 Savage’s Spoof Promo Run For ‘Her Loss’

The fallout from Drake and 21 Savage’s recent collaboration, Her Loss, continues to reach new depths. Most notably, Conde Nast — the publisher of Vogue magazine — has decided to sue the rappers for copyright infringement.

Conde Nast alleges that the duo’s “entire promotional campaign” was built around the unauthorized use of Vogue trademarks, but more importantly, the move was made without the “love and support” of editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Reuters reports.

According to Conde Nast’s complaint, the defendants (Drake and 21 Savage) “created a counterfeit issue of Vogue that was distributed in major metropolitan areas, accompanied by posters whose layout mimicked Vogue‘s own.”

The magazine publisher said the imagery was “unmistakable” and falsely touted the rappers as Vogue‘s “newest cover stars.”

Conde Nast, also known as Advance Magazine Publishers Inc., is seeking either $4 million in damages “or triple the defendants’ profits from their album and ‘counterfeit’ magazine.”

The publisher also seeks punitive damages and an end to any trademark infringement.

Drake and 21 have been silent since the announcement of the lawsuit, and their lawyer declined to comment earlier this week, having yet to review the complaint.

While it’s unclear what the outcome of this case will be, the controversy surrounding the rappers seems to be more than the duo bargained for when releasing their album.