Rick Ross’ Hoarding Ways (Which He Denies Having Despite Everything) Brings A Freefall Of Jokes From Fans

Rick Ross’ wealth is overflowing, literally. “The Biggest Boss,” as he described himself on last week’s AEW Dynamite, took a video of his excess clothes and shoes swamping his mansion and asked, “Should Rozay have a damn yard sale?” The clear answer is yes.

“C’mon, man,” Ross continued in the video, which circulated this past week via XXL. “I’m talkin’ about all the closets full. That sh*t all over. Come on, man. It’s like, damn, I’m fighting through shoes. Listen, listen. No. This ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss sh*t going on right here. Don’t get it twisted. But I’m not finna be caged in. … This was one day worth of sh*t, and I still got at least two more days worth of sh*t. And like, come on, man. We better than this, guys.”

People got it twisted, causing Ross to double down on not being a hoarder. “Is having 150-plus automobiles, is that hoarding?” he asks, genuinely baffled. “How many watches is hoarding of watches, of timepieces? How many timepieces would you consider hoarding or you have a problem? Do I have a problem?”

And now even more people are taking the opportunity to fire off jokes about what a Rick Ross yard sale would look like and remind him of what hoarding means. Check out some of the tweets below.