A Freaked Out Doja Cat Begged Elon Musk To Help When She Realized She Couldn’t Change Her Gag Twitter Display Name Anymore

They sure don’t make Twitter like they used to, eh? A lot has been changing on the social media platform in a very short period of time since Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion and instantly made himself the company’s CEO and “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator.” The latter is a title he assigned himself via his Twitter profile, right below his display name (Elon Musk) and his handle (@ElonMusk).

You see, those are the basic elements of a Twitter profile. While handles typically stay the same, many users frequently swap their display name for fun to be something thematic to major event or holiday, a pun, or as of late, to impersonate Elon Musk. But Doja Cat falls under the “for fun,” category, frequently swapping hers with the seasons. In fact, her current display name is “Christmas,” because well…you know, it’s coming. But she just found out that because of a new change to the platform, she might forever be known as Christmas on Twitter if Elon Musk doesn’t do something about it. “I don’t wanna be christmas forever @elonmusk please help i’ve made a mistake,” she tweeted.

Confused? Well the thing is, since Musk has been the subject of countless trolls following what even Fox News called an “embarrassing” plan to charge users for a verified account and blue checkmark, one of Twitter’s new policies makes it so that existing verified users can’t change their display names anymore. Looks like Musk hatched up a quick plan to combat those trolls, but left Doja Cat hanging in the process. So is Doja Cat going to be Christmas forever? Musk replied, but at first, her stream of consciousness tweets when she first found out what was happening were downright hilarious. First she realized it, then she immediately cursed at Musk.

It looks as though Twitter’s Complaint Hotline Operator has heard her pleading and quickly issued a response. “Working on it!” Musk replied to the “Kiss Me More” star. Before realizing what a great running joke he could hold over Doja Cat’s head if he just sat on his hands instead.