Rick Ross Swears He’s Not A Hoarder, But The Internet Says Otherwise After A Video Of His Home Was Shared

Rick Ross often makes weird headlines. The rapper revealed last month that he’s afraid to try almond milk: “Is they squeezing it out of the peanut?” In May, he made a lot of people jealous by admitting that he’s never had an email account. Now, he’s attempting to convince fans that he’s not a hoarder after a video circulated of his home that is… well… a little cluttered.

The video, posted by XXL, shows a lot of clothes and shoes, lining the hallways and covering up the floors. “I’m trying to organize some of this sh*t. Man, I got this sh*t spilling out every goddamn way,” Ross says. “Should Rozay have a damn yard sale?” He adds, “This ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss sh*t going on.”

The video went viral with lots of quote-tweets arguing that he is in fact a hoarder.

Ross often calls himself a hustler, which is his excuse in this situation. In February, he wanted 10 oak trees in his backyard cut down but the price was $1,000 each, amounting to a grand total of $10,000. Instead of paying that fee, he put on a cowboy hat and did it himself. “They must’ve forgot who the f*ck I am,” he said in a video.