IAMCOMPTON Brings The Vibey ‘Go Numb’ To ‘UPROXX Sessions’

Take IAMCOMPTON’s name literally. The rapper, born and raised in East Compton, California, is dedicated to putting on for his city; the same streets that birthed West Coast hip-hop legends, Dr.Dre and Eazy-E.

Fans of the VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Compton may recognize the rapper as the owner of and standout tattoo artist for the city’s first tattoo shop. Outside of his ink-related endeavors, Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick, also known as IAMCOMPTON, also uses his music to put on for LA, as seen with his loosie freestyle titled “TALK OF LA,” released back in February.

Today, IAMCOMPTON pulls up to the bathroom set to perform his single “Go Numb.” Underneath the track’s catchy hook and laid-back beat are lyrics flexing his dedication to leveling up. Reminding us to “double up till it’s all gone,” his Sessions performance isn’t just a vibe. It’s gospel.

Watch IAMCOMPTON perform “Numb” for UPROXX Sessions above.

UPROXX Sessions is Uproxx’s performance show featuring the hottest up-and-coming acts you should keep an eye on. Featuring creative direction from LA promotion collective, Ham On Everything, and taking place on our “bathroom” set designed and painted by Julian Gross, UPROXX Sessions is a showcase of some of our favorite performers, who just might soon be yours, too.