DaBaby Has A BOGO Offer For An Upcoming Show And Fans Are Clowning Him For It

Fans of DaBaby in Birmingham, AL have the opportunity to see him at a discounted price. The “Suge” rapper is set to perform at Iron City, a venue that holds 1,300 people. Those who buy tickets at the price of $22 will be able to get a second ticket free.

While it’s not unusual for an artist to sell tickets at discounted rates, whether it be by way of Groupon or BOGO specials, many are saying that the discount on these tickets is indicative of the once-promising superstar falling off.

“DaBaby selling his tickets BOGO has got to be the saddest sh*t ever for a rapper,” said one Twitter user. “And it’s crazy cause nobody else hurt his career more than he did. Talk about self-sabotage, a lack of situational awareness, and ego.”

It’s hard to pinpoint where the downfall of DaBaby began, but many believe that it has to do with him making homophobic remarks during Rolling Loud last year, as well as bringing Tory Lanez, who allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot back in 2020, onto the stage.

“Yall said canceling don’t work but DaBaby one step closer to performing at Autozone,” said another Twitter user.

The discounted concert is set to take place on November 15.