A Referee Tripped Over Meek Mill’s Kicked Out Legs During Suns-Sixers

Sitting courtside at a basketball game is as close as you can get to the action in any sport, with there being no wall between you and the action like in any other venue. Having a seat with your feet on the floor provides quite the view, but it also comes with some responsibility to keep your head on the swivel, because at any time you might find yourself suddenly very close to play.

Sometimes that can mean a player flying at you chasing down a loose ball that might end up in your lap, while other times it can be as simple as keeping your feet clear for referees running the sidelines. On Monday night in Philadelphia, Meek Mill forgot about that part and had his legs stretched out as the ball came back to his end of the floor and caused a ref to take a tumble as he tripped over Meek’s feet.

You never want to go full Curb Your Enthusiasm in real life, but here’s Meek Mill in a Larry David recline, legs kicked all the way out, tripping the ref — which is better than if he’d tripped Joel Embiid or something — and luckily the referee was alright aside from the confusion of what just happened.

As for Meek, he’s a veteran of sitting courtside so you’d think he’d know better than to have the legs all the way out, but here we are and a lesson has been learned.