For Be.N Reilly and Abstract Media, One Crew Member’s Success Represents The Group’s Collective Energy

Atlanta is one of the most storied breeding grounds for hip-hop talent in the country. From Outkast to Young Thug, each export has stood out with a unique style. Now Be.N Reilly and the upstart Abstract Media crew are finding that by being themselves, together, they can help each other be great.

Success doesn’t happen overnight though. And in the latest episode of Scenes, the five-member squad of Be.N Reilly, Luke Royal, Orongello, Zac Manson, and Miseye talk about being on the cusp of being able to make music full time. But every Wednesday, they’re faithfully posted up together for sunup to sundown sessions at their Bandwidth Studios homebase. It’s here where they can bring their ideas together and elevate each other’s ambitions and creativity. “We created a space for people who want to be themselves, to just embrace other people with no pressure, or any anxiety to form or conform to any other role,” Luke Royal says. “Just be you and do you.”

And when one Abstract Media crew member pops off, it’s cause for a celebration from the whole collective, and their confidence grows. “The way we are all always struggling together,” Zac Manson says. “It was natural that if one person makes it, we all make it.”

Peep the full video above and check back on the Uproxx Scenes Hub for new episodes showcasing rappers on the rise from across the country.