Doja Cat Says She Cried While Watching ‘Stuart Little’ Because ‘It Was So Sad’

Doja Cat is always up to something — painting herself gold, lying about her album to journalists, shaving her eyebrows. Her latest antic is an eccentric TikTok in which she updates fans while giving Illuminati signs. One of her updates, though, is that she cried watching Stuart Little.

“Hey, you guys. What’s up? I have just been having such a great time, you know? The holidays are coming, and I just wanted to fill you guys in with what’s going on in my life,” she starts off. She says she’s been hanging out with her cats and playing video games and watching movies. “I did watch Stuart Little today. It was so sad; it made me cry. But then things got better in the end.”

Doja recently made headlines for flashing her breasts at her 27th birthday party in Los Angeles. This was because of a promise she made two years ago; she said she would “show my boobs so hard” if her song “Say So” went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “IF ANYBODY GOT NUDES OF ME FROM LAST NIGHT PLEASE SEND CUZ I WANNA POST EM,” she tweeted after the shindig. Fans quickly fulfilled that request in the replies.