Revolt Signs Math Hoffa’s ‘My Expert Opinion,’ Producer Space Ghost, Hynaken & Esso Exits

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, like Puff said.

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According to social media, legendary battle rapper-turned-podcaster, Math Hoffa and his widely popular My Expert Opinion Podcast has signed a deal with Diddy’s Revolt TV. News of the signing was quickly followed with surprising break-up news in the announcement of My Expert Opinion producer Space Ghost and co-hosts Hynaken and Esso exit from the podcast.

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Rumors of Hynaken and Esso arose several weeks ago following their absence on the latest episodes after Tony Yayo’s guest appearance that involved an “alleged” situation during and after the interview. Hynaken and Esso would take to social media about the break-up on Friday, stating that Math Hoffa wanted to keep the alleged $2.7 million dollar from the Revolt deal to himself. “Just Tell Them You Wanted To Keep All The @RevoltTv Money To Yourself @math.hoffa. It’s Cool,” Esso captioned in an Instagram post with the collage photo of Math Hoffa, Esso, Hynaken, and Space Ghost, which is titled “Math Hoffa Signs 2.7M Deal? Hynaken Esso Space Gone.”

Hynaken and Esso, with Space Ghost, would address the My Expert Opinion break-up on a dedicated episode of their own podcast, BagFuel, titled “My Expert Omission,” released on Friday (Oct. 27). Throughout the episode, the former My Expert Opinion cast members would reveal Math Hoffa’s bad business acumen, unsigned contracts, rise in subscribers after their involvement, lies, and more.

Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion Podcast premiered its debut episode in July 2019. Over the podcast’s 137 episodes, guests include a wide variety of hip-hop and pop culture superstars, ranging from basketball star Derrick Rose to rapper/actor Method Man to Adam 22 of No Jumper. Along with Hynaken and Esso, Hoffa’s podcast includes panel correspondents Mr. Mecc and Sean Bigga.

Hoffa would chime in on Hynaken, and Esso exits, claiming they’d planned to leave all along in a comment of his own when a fan commented on the matter on Instagram that suggested teams figure out their business first before moving forward. “This was their plan from the start,” said Hoffa to Instagram user “They blew a huge opportunity being pocket watchers…”

Hoffa would continue to speak on the break-up on Instagram Friday (Oct.27), referring himself to Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Neville Flynn, in the 2006 thriller Snakes On A Plane with a photo of a disgusted-looking Jackson holding a snake. Hoffa’s caption wrote:

“Tho I’ve seen it happen millions of times, I never thought I would be Samuel Jackson one day. #MEO took off and that day came! I stayed silent and never slandered anyone, even though I saw the slander and subs coming out left and right. I just let them do them. One day I will tell the story, but right now I’m busy making sure we continue to give y’all the best content possible… if you know you know. There’s is NO 2.7 million dollar deal. Please don’t believe everything you hear. #stayblessed + watch your back if you’re seeking any type of success. When the energy is off, expect the worst, deal with it and keep pushing on the path God has you on! #staytuned #Hoffagang.”

As news of the My Expert Opinion Podcast break-up spread throughout social media, popular rapper-turned-media mogul Joe Budden reached out to Math Hoffa during the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which was released on Saturday (Oct.30), to share his thoughts on the situation and allow Hoffa to clear up some misinformation. Budden and his podcast endured a similar situation in May 2021 with the exit of former co-hosts Rory and Mal, who went on to sign a $10 million dollar deal with Sirus XM in October 2021.

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At episode 574’s 1:56:04 minute mark, Hoffa clears up the rumored amount of his new deal, the claims made by the former crew, and more. Watch Hoffa’s full response above.

After Hoffa, Hynaken, Esso, and Space Ghost have joined DJ Clue’s new podcast, Ear Pollution, which debuted this week with its first guest, today’s biggest hip hop star, Lil Baby. Feel free to watch the debut episode here.

Revolt has yet to comment on signing Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion Podcast or the situation, including Hoffa, Hynaken, Esso, and Space Ghost.

Late Sunday evening, the popular social media page 2Cool2Blog shared a behind-the-scenes video of Joe Budden and Math Hoffa preparing to conduct an interview.

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