Bowen Yang And Jack Harlow Serve Up Tableside Cocktails On ‘SNL’

In his first Saturday Night Live episode as a performer and host, Jack Harlow was a scene stealer on last night’s SNL. In a hilarious skit parodying elevated eateries, Harlow is joined by Bowen Yang as the two work as bartenders in an upscale restaurant.

The two arrive at a table of four, where one of the guests asks for tableside guacamole, however, they are unable to serve the guac, as the restaurant is “out of avocado, cilantro, and red onions,” as Yang notes.

Harlow then assures the guest that he and Yang “are horned up” to serve up tableside cocktails.

The first cocktail is a “screwdriver with flair.”

Yang and Harlow then dance to Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ “Unholy” as they mix drinks. They, unfortunately, spill the mixes onto the table, but Yang and Harlow quickly brush this off, before offering a non-drinking guest at the table a “voj-eye-to.”

“What’s a voj-eye-to?” asks the character, played by Heidi Gardner.

Harlow then explains that a voj-eye-to is a virgin mojito, which he pronounces, “moj-eye-to.” The two, once again, dance to “Unholy.”

Later in the sketch, one of the characters, played by Cecily Strong, mentions how happy she is to hear the song.

Harlow then shouts out the restaurant’s DJ, who Yang explains is “a busboy with an aux cord.”

Check out the full skit above.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.