Fousheé Shoots For Outer Space On Her New Single ‘Supernova’

Fousheé is fully focused on the stars with her new song, “Supernova,” from her upcoming album, Softcore. A common theme that’s present in her singles throughout this year is a constant change of pace. For example, her past hit, “I’m Fine,” appears to start as a gentle R&B rendition before bursting in with rock chaos.

Fousheé’s newest track is no different but, equally, if not more so, brilliant. Leaning heavily into electronic production, “Supernova” opens with a captivating bassline that introduces her adjusted vocals. The song propels itself forward so fast (and furiously) that it’s over before you know it — but is consistently worthy of another replay.

“My mom was raised in Jamaica and immigrated here, and her playlist was a lot of Bob Marley, a lot of Celine Dion surprisingly, a lot of Toni Braxton,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2021 about her wide-spanning sonic influences. “I would listen to the radio growing up, so I was listening to hip-hop, R&B, pop. And then, once I started performing, the music that I was studying was more like alternative and rock, and blues and jazz, and more instrumental. I just love all those things and developed it. It kind of ended up morphing into my musical DNA.”

After going viral on TikTok in 2020 for “Deep End (Freestyle),” Fousheé’s career has taken off immensely. She eventually recorded a full-length version of the song, which is available on YouTube, and dropped her debut album, Time Machine.

Check out Fousheé’s new single “Supernova” above.

Softcore is out 11/18 via RCA. Pre-save it here.