‘Lox Him Up!’ Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Kanye West Should Be Banned From Eating Bagels

Kanye West is a desperate man — and for good reason. The once-exalted rapper has spent the last several weeks spewing all sorts of deplorable bits of antisemitism to anyone who will allow it (we’re looking at you, Tucker Carlson). As a result, he has been dumped by everyone from his agents at CAA to the various fashion brands he has collaborated with, including Balenciaga and the Gap. Jeen-Yuhs, a completed documentary about Ye’s life, has been shelved by its producers, and Vogue gatekeeper Anna Wintour has reportedly severed all ties with the rapper. The biggest hit, however, came from Adidas, who dropped Ye like a bad habit — all of which has seen West’s net worth drop significantly, and push him out of the Three Comma Club.

While West is being boycotted by just about everyone, Jimmy Kimmel thinks there’s one more industry that should cancel the artist: Big Bagel. On Wednesday night, Kimmel shared that, after losing his $1.5 billion deal with Adidas, Ye was on the lookout for a replacement partner to carry on his Yeezy shoe brand. As Kimmel explained:

Today, he showed up — unannounced and uninvited — at the corporate headquarters for Skechers in Manhattan Beach. Skechers, which his ex-wife Kim [Kardashian] did commercials for, is owned by the Greenberg family, so they threw him right out and put out a statement denouncing him. Ironically — this is not a joke — before he barged into Skechers, he stopped at the bagel shop next door. He shouldn’t be allowed to eat bagels anymore, right? I mean, at the very least. Lox him up!

You can watch the full segment above, beginning around the :55 mark.