‘In His Own Words: XXXTENTACION’ Set to Release on Nov. 22 and Features Footage From Before ‘Look At Me’

XXXTENTACION’s Instagram announced the premiere date for the late star’s new movie IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION. The FADER Films project, which will be accessible globally and in the US via Altavod on Nov. 22, is made possible by a previously unreleased video of the influential and hotly contested great American musician XXXTENTACION, which was shot during an exclusive interview with the FADER in 2017.

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Jaseh Onfroy (XXXTENTACION), a late cultural influencer, offers insight on subjects that many artists don’t discuss in public, such as how he views himself and his place in the world and society as a whole, in the documentary IN HIS OWN WORDS.

The acclaimed Hulu documentary LOOK AT ME: XXXTENTACION, which debuted exclusively in the US on Hulu on May 25, 2022, is accompanied by the movie IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION. Additionally, on Nov. 22 through Altavod, LOOK AT ME will have an international release with the added material shown in IN HIS OWN WORDS.


IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION examines subjects about his music and art, celebrity, his fans, his beliefs regarding the progress of humanity, his history of violence, and his time spent in prison. Onfroy’s manager Solomon Sobande, his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and other close family members are interspersed throughout the conversation, providing an intriguing inside insight into the rapper from Broward County, Florida, and his difficult, contentious existence. IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION gives a portrait of an artist whose violent activities, unpolished musical skill, and open battles with mental illness continue to have an enduring impression on his generation even after his passing at the age of 20.

“Cleopatra, Solomon and I watched the Fader-Jahseh one-on-one interview from 2017, said Rob Stone, Co-Founder of The FADER and FADER Films. “It was emotional, chilling, insightful and tragic on a multitude of levels. It instantaneously brought us closer together. It feels only right to share it with his fans and the world, Jahseh in his own words.”

The Look At Me: XXXTENTACION Podcast series, a limited edition podcast delving into the development of the FADER Films documentary Look At Me: XXXTENTACION, will be made available by FADER before the premiere of the movie. Interviews with significant figures from X’s life will be included.

Lesley Steele and Rob Stone collaborated on directing IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION, and Rob Stone, Cleopatra Bernard, and Solomon Sobande served as executive producers. You can now pre-order IN HIS OWN WORDS: XXXTENTACION in the US here.