Maxwell Is Giving Megan Thee Stallion’s Knees A Run For Their Money With The ‘Maxwell Challenge’

The internet remains undefeated.

Always the performer, Maxwell is known for giving his fans soulful and intimate shows, but recently, he’s been catching attention for something new — his killer dance moves.

The #MaxwellChallenge has taken over the internet after a viral video of the singer performing on stage was shared on social media. In the footage, the Brooklyn singer can be seen dropping it like it’s hot, with knees of steel.

It looks like people have been enjoying the viral challenge, judging by the hilarious responses on Twitter. Interestingly, the “Pretty Wings” singer’s knees have caused quite the conversation on social media, with some fans debating if his dance abilities rival Megan The Stallion.

“Not Maxwell got Megan knees,” one person tweeted.

The singer gave fans a cheeky response regarding his viral video, offering folks a chance to see if they do better.

“Y’all wanna laugh, but your knees ain’t built like that. This the Maxwell Challenge,” he wrote with a dancing man emoji.

“Y’all done pissed this man off. Maxwell said CHALLENGE!!!” said comedian Roy Woods in response to the singer’s hilarious declaration.

The singer has been going viral a lot lately. Just recently, his classic jam, “Ascension,” was taking over TikTok.

With all that’s going on in the world, a light-heartened challenge might be what we all need. It’s still yet to be determined if anyone’s knees are up for the challenge, though.