Necole Kane Exits Founded xoNecole For Plant-Based My Happy Flo

Media mogul Necole Kane, creator and founder of popular media outlet xoNecole, announced her exit from the media company on Wednesday (Oct. 19) to transition into the wellness industry with her newly founded plant-based relief brand, My Happy Flo.

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The Kane-founded My Happy Flo is a plant-based period relief supplement that works to balance hormones and alleviate heavy bleeding, intense cramping, and other PMS symptoms for a happier, healthier period.


While Kane will be shifting focus from media to wellness, she feels her following will follow with majority of her audience women and the content on xoNecole caters to women’s interest. When asked about the transition, Kane said the following:

“I’m still serving the same audience that I have for years but in a new way. Our community has a unique set of needs that include Vitamin D3 and Iron deficiency but are often underserved and overlooked in the vitamin and supplement space. I am passionate about helping women of color who are struggling with heavy periods and fibroid symptoms and missing out on life because of it. The statistics regarding black women and fibroids are alarming and we wanted to help do something about this silent epidemic.”

My Happy Flo is personal for Kane as she knows all too well the harsh reality of hormone imbalance after her mom passed from estrogen-induced breast cancer at the age of 41. She’s also discovered various studies which reveal that 80% of African American women will be diagnosed with fibroids by the age of 50. Black women are also 4 times more likely to get a hysterectomy than other races and they are also 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer from period trauma. Due to  the lack of education around what a normal period looks like, it can take women up to 10 years to see a doctor for her symptoms or  get a proper diagnosis.

And with My Happy Flo, Kane will be championing holistic remedies for  women. “At My Happy Flo, we believe it is important to focus heavily on content around hormone health, endocrine disrupting chemicals found in the hair and beauty products specifically marketed towards African-American women, and signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance – a leading cause of heavy, painful periods,” she said in the press release. “There has also been a huge educational gap when it comes to the menstrual cycle being considered a fifth vital sign and serves as a monthly report card for our overall health. We weren’t taught that a heavy, painful period is not normal and can be the first sign of hormonal imbalances. When left unaddressed and undiagnosed, these imbalances can lead to fibroid development and breast cancer tumors, as well as other conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility.”

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Kane would share that other products that found solutions would only be more harmful. “In the past, when we’ve been offered a solution, it often caused more harm than good,” she continued. “Hormonal contraceptives, painkillers, and hysterectomies shouldn’t be our only option for  period pain relief and with My Happy Flo, it doesn’t have to be.” 

In its first year of business, My Happy Flo has won over $50,000 in grants and has grown organically without any digital ad spend. The daily vitamin has also helped thousands of women find relief from period pain and hormone imbalance which previously caused them to miss out on professional and personal opportunities and provided more holistic options when facing fibroids and other reproductive health conditions.

Kane leaves xoNecole in good hands and with a bright future at Will Packer Media. Packer acquired xoNecole in 2017 after recognizing it’s value and impact within the culture. Since it’s creation in 2015, xoNecole has reached over 4 million women worldwide with daily editorial content and offline experiences with events – ElevateHer, Pajamas & Lipstick, and the xo Happy Hour podcast.