Iggy Azalea Roasted A Raiders Sportswriter Who Didn’t Like Her Halftime Show At The Game

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is one of the newest football venues in the NFL and the Las Vegas Raiders are pulling out all of the entertainment stops to raise the profile of their home games. Sunday’s win against the Houston Texas featured JoJo singing the national anthem, Carl Weathers (of Happy Gilmore and The Mandalorian fame) lighting the ceremonial pre-game torch, and Iggy Azalea performing the halftime show. Heck, even Lil Jon made an appearance mid-game to try to hype up the crowd.

Iggy Azalea might’ve felt like a strange choice. But to the Raider faithful fanbase who simply parties their faces off, Azalea was welcomed as warmly as the in-house cover band who performs overplayed cover songs over the stadium speakers once a quarter. Azalea’s 12-minute performance added to the absurdity of the Raiders game experience. Playing in front of the gigantic torch, she closed with “Fancy” and didn’t hold back one bit on the booty-shaking and slapping. But one Raiders sportswriter wasn’t having it.

The Athletic’s Tashan Reed — who typically strikes a tasteful balance on Twitter between team updates, hip-hop references, and his opinions (sometimes inexplicable ones) on food — chose chaos this afternoon. “The combination of Allegiant Stadium trying to make BBQ and Iggy Azalea performing at halftime is gonna make me depressed,” Reed tweeted. Originally from the St. Louis-area, Reed’s opinions on BBQ carries some weight, but his vocal disdain for Azalea, got him totally roasted by the rapper, who quoted Reed’s tweet and said, “If you think you’re depressed now I’ll spare you the tears you’d cry knowing what my paycheck was to come and jiggle a lil ass.”

That is a cold-blooded own. Think what you will about Iggy Azalea, but she just put Reed in a blender. Rumors of her demise were greatly exaggerated apparently and this bodes well for her comeback plans.